Stanislaus Agius

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Stanislaws alias Stan Agius launched his family-run company in 2004, specializing in a niche segment relating to drainage and sewage. The company is not only involved in solving emergency problems such as clearing blocked drains, but also cleaning  filthy wells, installing new drainage or sewage systems and maintaining existing ones in pristine conditions.


In a short time the company has managed to build its own reputation in a very positive way, so that today it works not only with domestic drainage and sewage problems, but also within the very demanding industrial and commercial sectors.


As a company, it is responsible from the start of every job so that clients are informed of the options that need to be considered and the expenses involved. Once the job is done, thorough testing is carried out to ensure containment and smooth flow of water or sewerage. Inspections and all works are done utilizing the safest products and the newest technology systems available in Malta.

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